Residential Design
Be it apartments pent houses or bungalows, we have created homes that are places the owners are proud to possess. Toying with colors that speak to you, furnishings that you just want to use all the time and settings that give the ambient feeling of relaxation, comfort and luxury, these homes are designed to gently caress your senses, converse with you and reflect with your persona. Your tastes are manifested in the living areas and the personal spaces are designed to gently mold itself into your very soul.


Commercial Design
We spend a large portion of our waking hours at work. Be it an office, shop a boutique or even your stall spaces at exhibitions that you wish to present your products or services in the most influential way. It is imperative that the ambient environment is conducive to creating a productive work atmosphere. Clear lighting, vibrant colors, smooth layouts, ergonomically created work spaces and convenient settings are all integral components of productive environments. This designer has successfully brought in elements that both, enhance the work experience and bring about strong positive energies that add to the productivity of the place.


Hotels & Hospitality
Fusing artistic with functional necessities, Sneha Samtani has created spaces for lounging, chilling, partying and relaxing. Our capabilities extends to designing hotels, restaurants, cafes, parlors and pubs. The richness and durability, a critical necessity in fixtures made for public usage, is a feature of all elements that make up this design. Hotel chains like the Courtyard Marriot, have engaged the services of our design firm.


Space Planning
Sneha Samtani confers the right amount of respect to planning the usage of carpet area. With precision, spaces are designed and created to accommodate your every need and at the same time throw back abundantly adequate amounts of openness that leave you with feelings of spaciousness. Utilizing the carpet area in a manner that defies mathematical logic, we leave you with ample square yards of open area. Whether it’s your residential or commercial space, we cater to your every need that leaves you with additional space you always craved for.


Color Consultant
With colors’ that leap out at you or subtly blend into your designs or furnishings we can give your space a life of its own. Replete with themes that roam through your entire space or are restricted to specific areas, you are left with reflections of light that alleviate your mood wherever your eyes rest their gaze. From the bright and loud to the sedate and restful, you can choose your colors from the varied palettes being offered. The blend of colors on offer are matched with tiles, furnishings and even the surroundings to leave you clothed in shades and hues of every mood.


Soft Furnishings
Designing, shaping and creating soft furnishings that compliment surrounding immediate environment, we have the ability to suggest best options for drapes & curtains, bed spreads, bolsters, pillow covers, sofa furnishings and other accessories.


Visual Merchandising
Great attention is paid to store layouts that require to evolve constantly to be in touch with seasonal trends. It is critical that layouts increase buyer wants, that results in higher purchases. Researching & understanding consumer needs and applying them in layout design is another expertise that Sneha Samtani Interior designs brings to the table.  Touted as a revolutionary piece of work, the art & science behind design comes to life at this place.


Set Design
Making those special days memorable… Family events and weddings. Creating that special unique set that brings to life the magic of the moment is an art that is close to the heart of this designer. Having created sets that spoke to guests, the talented designer has the ability to develop “the simple and the sophisticated”. Sneha has also done sets for plays, serials & other formal & informal functions.


Turnkey Operations
As a package to all the offerings, we have proven capabilities for completing entire contracting tasks. Right from design to civil contracting & interiors, a ready product can be handed over to you. Keeping in sync with the quality policy of the design director, all sub-contracting is given to trained and qualified experts in their respective fields that work closely under the guidance of the designer. A process that enables you to meet with the respective contractors prior to assigning the project is in place. Regular site visits by the design team ensure that the progress is aligned to the set timelines and standards.


Niche Services
With modern fast evolving lifestyles, many clients have needs that fit outside the normal design services. Clients at times may just seek an expert’s opinion on design or may just require minor modifications. Charging hourly or upon an agreed flat rate, we can offer our services for design and re-modeling of just specific rooms or guide you in space planning, colour co-ordination or even help you shop for your home. Need ideas for designs on your home? We are happy to help you with that too.