Founded in 2009, Sneha Samtani Interior Design & Consultancy is a Mumbai- based design studio specialized in Interior design. Headed by the design director, Ms Sneha Samtani who has an illustrious career in Interior Design, and with an ingrained talent in visualization and creative arts, has created a legacy of designs and accomplishments in a relatively short career span.


An enthusiast by nature, passionate about her work and always open to new and exciting ideas, Sneha has always had a keen eye for detail with a fine visual sense which she has cultivated right from her childhood.  To follow her zeal Sneha eventually took her education to another level to include the study in interior design. These qualities now manifest in her work which boast of smoothly meshing a variety of design styles.  


Her work is simple yet classy, aesthetically appealing which speaks for herself. She believes in the philosophy that “Less is More” and to make people happy with the smallest pleasures in their home.

Elegant luxurious designs are her forte and ensembles design and colours tastefully. Her genre lies in creating a wide variety of interiors, which ranges from traditional to contemporary.


“What I make is not Design it’s my Aura”- Sneha Samtani



While designing a home, we take the client through a simulated process. We help the Client to imagine and visualize what the space will look like by having interactive sessions of meetings and design trials. The design projects range from high-end apartments to corporate spaces.


We take pleasure in customer delight and providing incredible results, with our creative, qualified and experienced personnel. We supervise every step of the process and build a strong and everlasting working
relationship with our clients and suppliers.



Our ability to mix styles and textures helps us personalize and customize designs with the utmost quality keeping our designs personal, yet thoughtful and fresh.Incorporating the clients’ ideas with our expertise, we understand clients’ present and future needs and strive to exceed their expectations.  

Our professional craftsmanship, ethical standards and strong technical abilities have earned us the respect from many of our clients.